Hair.......still trying to figure it out but still wearing the wig. Getting tired of it and it's getting HOT (I live in Dallas). Just need to BC and get over it!

B-day........turned 33 on the 20th. I'm thankful but was not in the birthday mood. My mom and sis harressed me to death that I needed to go out!

Car.....not even 2 years old and part of the engine has to replaced??!! Thank God its under warranty! I bought a Honda because they are supposed to be the best?!!

Job/career.......I'm bored! I need a new one!

Last but not least men........where are the good ones? I'm sorry but the men suck in Dallas!! I need to move!

On the bright side.......I am going to Atlanta this weekend for my cousin's surpise b-day party!
Originally Posted by Mo_Gemini22
The good men aren't in Atlanta either, so don't be fooled when you come here! They're probably looking for what you're looking for too!