I second that! I was just telling my sister that I'm tired of recycling men. I've been off and on with the same tired negro for the past 3 years. It's time to try "something new."
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Don't know if you date outside your race but get you a white man. I have met some of the coolest white guys. Dated one but he moved away.[/quote]

Girl White men used to be in plenty supply and really interested in me when I moved to the Atlanta area. I passed all of them by because I wasn't interested at the time. One dude was suuuuuper nice and I let him go because mentally "I wasn't Into White Guys." I regret that now. He has moved to another state and is doing really well I hear. Boo hoo. I am more mature now and can see the error of my ways. Hopefully I will meet a Brad soon and we will be happyyyyy! ha ha

I sacond that comment on the Men in the ATL being suspect. It is sad that we are known for those kind of dudes.

I may need to move to Charlotte next. ha ha

Recycling men: It is sad to say that we have to do that. They are in such low supply (the good ones) that we can't seem to move on, and we accept foolishness. It seems like if we don't take their crap, then we will be alone. Something has got to give!!!

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