shones- u r such a positive person and i really love that about you.

MissKinkyCoily - u took the words out of my mouth. i'm so sick of dealing with my hair these days. i just went to bed last night and woke up with a helmet head. needless to say i didn't go into the office and worked from home today.

Mo_Gemini22 - i feel your pain. i live in dallas too and the guys out here are really WEIRD!!!

other thoughts:
1: most people think owning a business is so COOL, but they could never imagine the struggle and stress

2: sometimes i get tired of always having to explain myself to friends and family

3: i wonder what its like to feel free... really free... worry-free, stress-free, anxiety-free, guilt-free?

but to end with a positve: the fact that i'm still here means there's still PURPOSE left in me and that alone means alot!