You know that I think your hair is breathtakingly gorgeous. Your entire fotki album is an inspiration for me to keep growing my hair - it's an inspiration to all curlies of all curl types period.


I see that the KCCC looks good but gives you smaller curls. I think you might like that look sometimes as a change. Keep playing with it - the best features of KCCC are the moisture, all natural ingredients and fact that it combines moisture with hold (even though I still need to use some gel with it).

I think that Jojoba Jelly would be a HG dream product for you. I hope it gets offered again, although it's not helpful to get hooked on products that aren't available on a steady basis.

Do you have luck with Jessicurl products? I am thinking that a Too Shea conditioner wash followed by Aloeba and Confident Coils as leave in/stylers would give you big waves, which is yet another type of look for you to sport when you feel like switching up
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