so did I!
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bison! really? i went from 1998-2002. i miss DC soOOo much.
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I graduated in 99 and left the next day. No intention on going back.

rt: so all that packing I was supposed to do yesterday? yeah none of it got done. ungood. I may have to leave my chair home.
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HI Ladies, I just wanted to say wussup to my fellow Bison . Great to see that HU girls are repping their natural curls.

Also, I lived in DC on and off from 1999-2007. I really miss DC too, I am actually going down there this weekend for the West Indian Carnival. But I feel yall, I do think that there is a small town mentality there. And I never like any local guys. I always dated guys who were imports like myself.

BTW, is on facebook:

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