LL, did your catepillar have horns or spikes? For some reason I'm thinking of this vivid green catepillar that's like a tomato hornbeast or something.

Xcptnl, one of my tomato plants had a tiny tomato on it but the plant is only 8" or so high! I plucked the tomato off. I've been pinching the blooms off, too.

I think we're "growing" an adolescent racoon! We're in the city, but the coons travel through the water sewers in the street. I think this one lost his mom, because I saw his little face peeping out of the street drain a few weeks ago, and he looked so sad and forlorn and confused. I told him to get back back down there and stood around until he disappeared so he wouldn't get run over. Well so now I just saw his rounder beanbag butt bustling out of my small vegetable patch. Where he hasn't touched any of the vegetables, he's been chewing my clematis! Poor thing doesn't have his mom to show him the ropes. We had orphaned mice last year that also didn't really know how to forage, they would alpine up my zinnia and eat the blooms.

Part of me is thinking eek rabies, and the other part is already planning lavish meals to leave out for this little guy!
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