Perhaps it was a compliment of sorts, but....

After the post in general discussion where people were posting pics on their brushed out hair, images of Hermione Granger popped into my head. Then I remembered when the Harry Potter book 6 came out. A bunch of us dressed up and went to a local book store for a party. I went in costume as a Ravenclaw student. People kept coming up to me to tell me what a great Hermione I made.


Here I am dressed in blue and grey stripes when i'm being confused for a character in red and gold, lol. People couldn't see past the hair to the rest of the costume.
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I dressed up as Hermione for the sixth book too!
We went to a big party at this place called the McWane Center, and everyone thought I worked there and a few people asked to have their picture taken with me. So I suppose I was a convincing Hermione.
[And after I was reminded of that, I posted a picture of that on my Pre-CG portion of my fotki. Now you guys can make fun of me. ]

And I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair. A lot of them are creepy, like these two girls in my choir class last year who always pet my hair and say, "Your hair is so pretty." And then there are those who just saw my new haircut today who were like, "Your hair is so curly!" which isn't really a compliment, but I take it that way.
And I still like the compliment from target worker-guy. I was just standing there waiting on my mom to pay and I thought it was a bad hair day and he looks at me and says, "I like your hair, it frames your face really well." Made my day.