Is it just me or do other people forget where in the hell they posted comments on this site? I'll ask someone a question.... and then forget all about it or to look for the reply. Rude, rude.
Originally Posted by amaralice
Ok I might be guilty of this...I don't do it to be rude, I just forget

rt: I am get sick and tired of the stares when I go out with my son. Yes, he looks nothing like me, yes I am black and he LOOKS totally white. But I'm getting tired of having to answer if he's my son 3 times when I go to walmart. I am tired of people showing obvious disbelief when I tell him that he's mine or suggesting that I adopted him (why the **** would I lie?). First of all, if I did adopt him, it's none of your damn business. Second, I'm tired of feeling like a side show when I go do groceries.

Ok that was more of a rant than a random thought lol

rt: I'm excited that I will be going back to work soon. I hope my skills aren't rusty after a year and a half.

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