Is it just me or do other people forget where in the hell they posted comments on this site? I'll ask someone a question.... and then forget all about it or to look for the reply. Rude, rude.
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rt: I am get sick and tired of the stares when I go out with my son. Yes, he looks nothing like me, yes I am black and he LOOKS totally white. But I'm getting tired of having to answer if he's my son 3 times when I go to walmart. I am tired of people showing obvious disbelief when I tell him that he's mine or suggesting that I adopted him (why the **** would I lie?). First of all, if I did adopt him, it's none of your damn business. Second, I'm tired of feeling like a side show when I go do groceries.
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My older cousin's son is biracial, but he has blonde hair and blue eyes (he used to look like the gerber baby when he was small). Anyways, this happens to her all the time. It ticks her off too. It amazes me how people think genetics are like matching colors in the crayon box. They think oh a brown girl and a white guy= light brown. Silly people

RT: I think I'm done drinking. I didn't get sick like throwing up, but the last few times I've been sick at my stomach the next day. So, I think I'm calling it quits. No big loss, I don't drink much anyway.
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