I know everyone's always looking for the best/most moisturizing conditioner for the winter, but spring is now around the corner. What do you plan to use? Do you use the same one year-round. This will be my first spring/summer as a natural. This winter I've been using Bumble & Bumble Creme de coco, which is extremely thick and creamy/heavy(also reallly expensive.) My liter will run out and I'm steaking out a few choices.
(BTW, I'm still loking for moisture/shine, but I want the one that most protects and heals the hair-summers can be tough on the hair(sun/beach, etc.)!!

What would YOU pick?:
Curls:Curls Ecstacy Hair tea
Elucence: Moisture Balancing
Biologe: Ultra Hydrating Balm
Tigi: Moisture Maniac
Crede: ER Condtioner/treatment

I need as much help and advice as possible, as I am prepared to invest in liters if available. I've tried all but the Curls Ecstacy, but none of them have been in use consistently, just not sure which aids more in healthy hair!

Any suggestions not mentioned?