Hello my twin curly!

Thanks for updating your album! Your hair looks amazing and
I can't believe how long it is!! Wow.
I didn't have any luck with KKCC. I am not sure if I used too much
but I felt dirty when I used it. I would love to try Jojoba Jelly, if
it's offered again.
I agree with Curltopia on Jessicurl. I love Jesssicurl, but I use it
mostly in the summer. It seems to me that we have similiar result with hair products,
so just wanted to let you know that I've had success with her products.
I am doing a one year challenge which ends next month.
So be on the look out for my updated album sometime next month.
Thanks for sharing you look beautiful.
3b/c CG routine
HG line DevaCurl
Password: Locks