Thanks Shones! I figured that out once ...and then promptly forgot it.

Is it just me or do other people forget where in the hell they posted comments on this site? I'll ask someone a question.... and then forget all about it or to look for the reply. Rude, rude.
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Hi Amaralice! There's a red envelope icon on the left (see the main 4a page) everywhere you posted a response to a topic. I just figured that out this week. lol.

Also, I've started using the "private message" function (see upper right corner of the page) when I really want a response from someone. Some of us just forget or we're busy. C'est la vie.
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Not the only one at all.

hey heathernicole... i'm here now.. you can talk to me
mozeke: lmao!
shones: thanks for admitting that. i didn't want to be the only one. i'm still learning all the features on this site.

so another random thought:
my birthday so happens to be on a major holiday that is just around the corner and every carnivore that exists comes out to celebrate this day in full effect! so whats the problem?... I'M A VEGETARIAN! well... i do eat seafood, but still. i don't want my salmon next to some steak. and i really don't care for a bbq party. but does anyone listen to the b-day girl. nope. i told my mom i want to go for japanese this year and she gave me that: "uh, oh, okay dear. i'm having my bbq party on sunday. please see if you can come to town." ahhhh!!!!!!!!!
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Lakshmi's Cupboard

If I use it, I sell it!

4A. Hair goal chin level while curly - achieved Oct 2010!
Next Goal: Shoulder length - Achieved Summer 2012!
New Goal: Bra Strap Level
DT: Amla Silk Deep Therapy Restorative Masque , rhassoul clay
Leave-in: Amla Lavender Chamomile Leave-In Hair Cream,, Amla and Honey Detangling Conditioner, Bhaasvataa Oil