I love looking at all of your fotki pictures. I would love to post some of my own but... (and this will sound silly) but my hair doesn't look as pretty as all of yours (yes, I know it's not a contest) but seeing all of the lovely hair around here kind of discourages me from posting any pictures.
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I sorta felt like this at first... kind of hard to explain, but I felt like my hair was supposed to look like the pictures I always saw on fotkis. But now I know I just don't have that kind of hair. It's just mine and I'm growing more and more in love with it everyday.

It's bushy, it's curly, and it's mine. There will always been room for improvement, but for now I am proud of it and always will be.

rt: What ever happen to an actual 10 minute oil change instead of "we'll try, ma'am"

rt: I'm ready to go back to work as soon as a spot opens up at my old job. I can't wait!!

rt: I really want my hair in the front to cover my forehead a little bit...dare I call it bangs?

rt: HeatherNicole looks a lot like my cousin except I know that she (my cousin) would chop off her left arm off before she would stop relaxing her hair lol.

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