i have a headache right now...
i am a constant lurker...i don't post much...i don't feel worthy
i just turned 22 yesterday...i have a hangover
i fell in love...it ended horrifically...now i am afraid to try again
i'm depressed a lot of the time...i despise how much weight i've gained
i took a semester off from school now I'm deathly afraid to go back
My life is at a stand still
I love my hair but I'm not good at styling it...
Alas...I'm a sad girl at the moment
Keep your head up. You can post as much as you want on here. There are some really supportive people on this board. Just keep doing positive things. Sometimes you have to fake it 'til you make it. Surrounding myself with supportive people always makes me feel better.
At least you try to style your hair. If I'm off from work, I might put a little spray on it and have nerve enough to go out in public.
if luvin KCKT and KCCC is wrong I don't wanna b right

sell crazy somewhere else...we're all stocked up here.