i have a headache right now...
i am a constant lurker...i don't post much...i don't feel worthy
i just turned 22 yesterday...i have a hangover
i fell in love...it ended horrifically...now i am afraid to try again
i'm depressed a lot of the time...i despise how much weight i've gained
i took a semester off from school now I'm deathly afraid to go back
My life is at a stand still
I love my hair but I'm not good at styling it...
Alas...I'm a sad girl at the moment I don't post much but today

I don't post much either but I know what you're going through with the school situation. I am taking time off from a really prestigious college and have been avoiding high school friends because of my fear of what they will think of me...it sounds pretty stupid but I'm still sad about the whole situation. I can't find a job...actually its more like im not putting enough effort in finding a job and the crappy economy is not helping at all. I am insomniac and have anxiety issues...and today im going to buy scissors to cut my hair because I had really bad split ends for about year after having my hair hot comb and not trimming and now I am paying for it. Chunks of my hair is falling out...at this point, im considering pulling a Britney.... just felt like venting.
3b-4a hair & CG

Suave Apple conditioner
Oyin burnt sugar pomade
coconut oil
castor oil
shikakai powder