Wow.... I always thought it was better to wash using conditioners, even before when i would relax every so often. It was just what I preferred. Never new I had something good going on for me. Just like I use to use Coco butter in my hair years ago too. This was before I knew anything about hair. I just ran out of hair stuff one day and used my Queen Helen Coco Butter cream on my hair and fell in love with it after that.. My hair grew really good then too.

As for going to a health store, Only Health store here is GNC which is 4 almost 5 hours driving distance away from me, another reason I love NC it ships international and it seems like they have almost everything... *thanks NC*. I would be so lost without NC... Right now I am located in Saudi Arabia, It is very hot and the water is very hard.

another good question, Like Pelicano asked: Does the water filter work for Calcium too? I read it is good for removing chlorine.
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I LOVE cocoa butter too. My sis use to use it on her hair but i stopped her cause all my cocoa butter body cream was vanishing and i loved it so much i never wanted it to finish

Anyway there is something called ''water softener'' you can try that also.
for more info check here:http://www.water-softeners-filters.c...softeners-work

Yes i think it will work here's what i found at the net:
''Anion exchange and cation exchange use the chemical ion exchange process to exchange anions and cations on a ''resin'' bed for cations and anions of the contaminant that needs to be removed from the water. For example, in cation exchange, a cation of hardness mineral such as calcium is exchanged for two cations of sodium, effectively removing most of the calcium, and softening the water. ''

For more info about this check here:

Good luck in your long journey if you want to buy something from NC i can recommend you some products if you'll like. (i haven't tried them but i've heard so many reviews about products ..and now i know which ones work on such type of hair.

Hope this helps!

PS.don't forget to clarify every 2 weeks or one week of co washing or whenever you hair looks dull you might have build up (caused by overload of products)
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