Is that you talking or your head injury?????


Besides, your Grandmama was THE military wife, 2nd to none & if you want to be a MW do it in honor of her (since she is one of my role models & heroes!!!!)
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I think it's safe to say it's ALWAYS the head injury.

And dude! You made me get a bit weepy when you said that about Grandmama. I miss her so much. Did you know she ate 6 Hershey Kisses every day for the last couple years of her life? It was her "sweet treat."

On my last birthday before she died, she sent me my birthday card as usual. When I opened it, about eleventy billion little white tags that said, "Kisses" fell out all over the place. She'd been saving them for months, apparently.

And you know where I stand on the you being like Grandmama stuff.
You are an evil biatch, evil. Your life must suck!
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