I put this together this morning. Sorry if you can't hear me -- I was pretty tired!

It also shows how I clip my hair, since I've gotten a few questions/PMs about that latley.



***UPDATE 8/4/14

Hey guys...

I'm sorry for leaving you hanging like this! I removed the video some time ago -- I'm a medical student, so with upcoming applications to residencies I felt it prudent to cut down on my internet presence. I hope you'll forgive me! I'll outline the steps here, but I know that a video is so much more helpful so maybe some other kind soul who's got the technique down can fill in.

1. After washing your hair (however you choose), rake a leave-in conditioner through soaking wet hair. I usually begin right-side up and flip upside down in the middle of this step. Rake through until well distributed and your curls clump together into beautiful, wet locks. I'll almost always stick to Knot Today if I'm using KCCC, since I find it plays super well together. For my thick, fine, shoulder-length hair, I use about a dime sized amount.

2. STILL UPSIDE DOWN, tilt your head to one side. This brings down the hair at the nape of the neck and some of the trickier spots on the top of your head. Take a scoop of KCCC (about dime sized for me), rub between palms, and scrunch into the hair, concentrating on the tricky spots you're exposing. KCCC does not distribute well for me, so I need to apply directly to hard-to-reach areas if the product is going to get there at all. I find that 5-10 scrunches is plenty.

3. Also still upside down, turn your head to the opposite side. Repeat step 2.

4. Return your head to center, and take a final scoop of KCCC. Scrunch into the hair, as evenly as possible. This gets the front bits and any ends you may have missed.

5. If you're like me, I usually get some residual product hanging out on my knuckles by this point. Recollect it onto your fingers, then gently feel the underside of your hair (you're still upside down!) for any crazy/messy curls. Smooth them out with the excess product, and scrunch a couple times to put that curl back.

6. I like to take a linen towel and scrunch the excess moisture out of my hair now, but there usually isn't much. After this, gently swing your head around to stand up straight, and let your hair fall into its natural place. Dry however you like, then scrunch out the crunch.

I hope this is vaguely helpful. Let me know if you've got any questions. Snuggles!
Location: North NJ or NYC

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