What do you like best about the KC duo? What do you feel it does for you?
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Outside of how much I like the physical properties of the products (I don't have to fight with the KT to apply it since it's got so much slip, and the CC smells so wonderful and feels deliciously like snot) and how they're all-natural and lasting me a lifetime... hmm. Well, I think I get softer hair with the KC products than I've been able to get from any other combo. It just FEELS so unbelievably silky. Also, it makes my curls very resilient. None of my products really crap out on me as the day goes on (I either chose them that way, or my hair has a kind soul), but the KC products seem to enhance this and make my hair BOING. I can also usually get 2nd day hair with this stuff.

And, for someone who's growing out her hair, the obvious elongation factor is kinda nice at the moment. I still can't believe my hair looked so long in that video. It shrunk up a tiny bit once it dried some more, but
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