Happy nappiversary. Anyways, girl, dudes are dumb like that. You don't have time for games, girl, and sadly men like to play them. It's that damn PS3.
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RT1: I know where you're coming from, because I used to feel that way when I was in my early 20s and single. But since I started meeting real men (and by that I mean Christian men who are actually living the faith FOR-REAL for real), I think they are absolutely fabulous. Also, girls like to play silly games, too. I know because I used I used to be that girl. (and on top of that I love vid games).

RT2: I wish I had known then what I know now re: computer programming. I would be so paid. If you know a young girl who is into math, science, computers, etc. PLEASE tell her there are tons of jobs for pple in that field... at least there are at my company, and they are really looking for women and minorities. unicast me if you're interested in learning more.
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