Basically: Went to NY with some female friends of mine. Met a nice guy (36 yr old Hispanic male) at dinner that was a friend of a friend. He ended giving me his number to contact him to go out dancing the next day. I did. He got a few of his buddies and my girls came with. We had fun! One of the girls in my group actually started hating from the jump (she is 33). She was in my business when I got his number, after we went dancing, and after I got off the phone with him. She actually went so far as to set up a contact exchange with the rest of us girls. She wanted us all to share the numbers of the people (guys and girls) that we met through our friends. She asked me for the guy's number. Okay. Am I wrong for saying heck no!? Basically she thought I was stupid or something. Nah homie. She is just going to end up calling and hollering at him and it ain't happening. The 2 other girls on the trip were saying that I was wrong for not giving her the number. They are probably haters too. I hate to be so paranoid, but really if he wanted them 2 have his number he would have given it to them. What do I look like giving his number out to them at random?! Give me a break!