Hi fellow San Diego curlies. I'm so happy to have found this thread since I'm also on the hunt for a consistently good curly stylist/salon. For a little background, I have 3b curls, used to relax for 5 yrs! yuck! But I've changed my ways and stopped relaxing 1.5 yrs ago. Did my big chop in Nov 07....actually with Jody Snyder at London Calling. Now trying to grow it out.

About Jody Snyder: My experience has been mixed. I've had 3 cuts with her. She was really nice and seem to understand curls. I guess she has curls but always wears it straight which kind of bothers me. I know she had some kind of medical issue in the past that affected her hair so I made allowance for that. 1st cut in early Nov 07 I was just excited to get most (not all) of my relaxed hair chopped off. She was afraid to cut too much since I haven't had hair that short since I was 6 or so. Unfortunately, the result was a bit of a pageboy look (she even called it that) which is not how i ever would want my curly cut described. I wish I had had the courage to say something but I didn't. 2nd cut in late Dec 07, was really great. Finally all relaxer was gone and my hair quite short but with the piecey well defined curls I wanted. This encouraged me to go back to Jody for my 3rd cut (early Mar 08 I think) in which all I wanted was to maintain the same cut, just trim the ends. Unfortunately, she kind of actually gave me a different cut. She trimmed it all but took EXTRA off the bottom to supposedly give my hair lift, which it does not need help with. It has plenty on its own. The part I didn't like was she told me she took exta off the bottom AFTER she had already done it so it was too late to say I didn't want that. So I ended up with a big ball of curls that poofed at the sides of my head as it grew out. In order to fix it, more hair would have had to be trimmed from the rest and just didn't want more off. So, I'm not sure I will go back to Jody.

After that I decided to wait a long while to let my hair grow out more before before the next cut and try a new stylist. I decided to stay local since I live it PB and it would be so convenient to find a salon closer to home. Based on the good reviews of Robert Cromeans on the CurlSalons page I called them up. I asked about those specific stylist and it turns out they were all at the downtown Robert Cromeans (which means more $$) I don't think you should have to pay more than $50 for just a cut. So instead, I asked for a recommendation for a curly stylist at the PB salon. I wanted to make sure it was someone with curly hair since I am more and more convinced what if they don't have curls, they just cannot really know what you have to go through with curls and what styling techniques are most approprieate. They set me up with Carolyn and I was really excited since I live so close to there and I love those head massages they give. So went in 2 weekends ago June 21. As it turns out, I cannot give you all any review on Carolyn because she called in sick and I was not notified. They said they would put me with someone else. How disappointing! I asked if the new person had curly hair and they said no, but she's very talented. I no longer believe it when people say that. Since I was already there... and had even ridden my bike there to save the planet and all... I decided I would just go with it. I'm never doing that again. I should have gone with my gut feeling to cancel and wait. So they set me up with Amanda who seemed to understand what it was I wanted. Curlies, I do not recommend her. I really think she has no idea whatsoever what curly hair is about. She cut it with thinning shears!!! I have never had those used on my hair before so I thought there might be something I don't know. Well, what you don't know can hurt you. I wish I had gone on these boards and read about thinning shears because I would have know what a major no-no that is for curls. She also did not fully style my hair. She put some mousse type product in which I could tell was just not going to cut it, and when I left it was only semi dry and already poofing out. Curlies, never leave a salon with wet hair. It's not until it dries that you can really see what the effect of the cut will be on the hair. For me it created this frazzled ends on the curls instead of a blunt smooth end. Each hair in one particular clump is a slightly different length tapering to the end which may have sounded to her good in theory but in practice, it makes my ends look damaged when they are not, and encourages frizz.

Sorry for the long review but I really had to vent since now I don't think I can wait it out, I'm going to have to go somewhere else to fix this and that will require chopping more hair off and delaying growing it out. I was thinking about going to Hairspray in Hillcrest so I was sorry so see the mixed review. I might work for me since my hair is very curly, not wavy... I can see how there would be different physics with wavy hair. I hope to find a good stylist soon and I'm sure I will with all your helpful tips.
3b curls, big chop Nov 07

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