This thread is too much!

Here's a couple funnies from the kidlets in my life.

My cousin's little girl (Haley) was down at her grandma's (Mamaw's) house. Her grandma was making cake. Her grandma was on Weight Watchers trying to lose a bit of weight. Haley was TWO:

Haley: Whatcha making Mamaw?
Grandma: Cake
Haley: That's 8 points Mamaw!


When my nephew was about 3 (almost 7 now), my sister in law noticed he was getting more hair on his legs. She pointed it out to him.
SIL: Look Jordan, you're getting more hair on your legs like a big boy.
Jordan: Hair on mine yegs? (hee. Yegs.)
SIL: Yep, hair on your legs like Daddy.
Jordan: Hair on mine yegs like Daddy?
SIL: Yep, you're a big boy!
Jordan: Hair on mine yegs like Mamaw too?

(Mamaw being my Mom, who had a habit of letting the leg-shaving go a bit too often. She has ceased doing this now. )


More recent one. My niece just turned three a few months ago. Well, a few weeks ago, she walked into another room carrying a snack that my brother knew was in a high cabinet she couldn't reach without climbing.

Brother: Gracie, where did you get that?
Gracie: (blank stare)
Brother: Did you climb to get to that?
Gracie: (Shaking head NO vigorously)
Brother: Walk in the kitchen with me... why is that (pointing) cabinet door open? You can't reach that. Did you climb on something to get to it?
Gracie: (eating and shaking her head 'no') I pushed the chair back under the table so you wouldn't know.

Not a clue she told on herself!