My daughter (2 1/2) has a favorite pair of sandals (she calls them "san-nals") that she refused to take off when we were getting her ready for bed. The conversation went like this:

husband: Take off your shoes, please, and put them in your room. It's time for bed.
daughter: No, no wanna take off my shoes.
husband: Take them off and put them away.
daughter: No sir!

I have no idea where she got this. I just hid my face and laughed. My husband had to discipline her because I couldn't keep it together.

Also, I met a friend at a tapas bar and my daughter picked up an olive from the bowl in front of her, thinking it was a grape. As soon as she tasted it, she put it down. When my husband arrived (he drove separately), the first thing she did was warn him, by pointing at the olives and saying,

"Those not grapes, Daddy, those not grapes."

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