alright so i just made my version of this one
1 cup hot water
2 Tbsp. Conditioner (1 too shea 1 kpak as my hair likes oil and protein!)
2 tsp. Salt (epsom, sea salt, any salt)
1 Tbsp. Herbal Oil (or any oil) (coconut)
1/3 cup gel (biotera)
1/2 tsp honey

i blended it with my hand blender (i am to lazy to try to mix it by hand) and it is too frothy to use right now

i will post results later (this post is more so i can remember what the hell i used in case it works!)
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overnight plop with a flour sack the strutt way
honey after leave-in
satin sleep cap & shea butter for day 2 hair
ALSO LOVE:jessicurl aloeba leave-in, rr, ccss
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