maybe I just need to vent. I have very thick mid length 3c curls and I am mexican-american. my family comes from a part of mexico where there was slave trading in the 1700's and everybody just sort of mixed up with everybody else. I just hate that people assume i am a whole slew of other things. it's not bad, people have given me wonderful compliments and sometimes i love that I am never categorized. i do get compliments on an almost weekly basis even. i suppose that i am just complaining/griping/thinking too much about my hair. because of my curly hair i don"t look the way that i am "supposed to" look being mexican. i am very proud of my culture and active in the community, but often get odd looks because i am relaxer free for 3 yrs. and wear my hair the way that it grows out of my head.
thanks for listening.
3c/4a...sometimes frizzy, always beautiful!