Thank you St.Louis Blue. You might be right, however I have read from a few ladies that frequent NC and have long 3C hair, that they only trimmed the end for a few years to allow their hair to grow. Hopefully some of those ladies will post and give us all some needed advice. I am not sure if I should get a professional haircut. They usually cut so much, even when you tell them is just a trimm.
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Yep... that's why I've been doing what I'm doing. I went a year without a haircut and just trimmed my own ends monthly. Last week I went for a very small trim with a woman I trust. She pressed my hair straight and let me watch her just take off the most scraggly tips. You could barely see anything on the floor, but it made a huge difference to my hair.

Salons will claim you need a trim every 6-8 weeks because it's money for them. They almost always cut too much.
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