Oh Lord, these stories are hilarious! Here are some from my little cousins.

-We were at a relative's funeral and my cousin Trevor (about 3 at the time) and I were looking through pictures in an album. We came to one of his older brother Tanner, and he didn't skip a beat and said "That's Tanner when he had red eyes".

My twin cousins Hayley and Holley went with me and my mom to Drug Emporium one afternoon. They were about 5 at the time. The whole time we were going through the store they would point out things and say "Oooh we like that" or "Momma loves that" etc, we got to Tide and Hayley says "Other kids have that" and Holley looked at her dead serious and said "No, other kids DON'T have that".

When we were kids my brother would say "I got doodoo" whenever he had a poopy diaper.

My little cousin Grant (3) did the whole "eye on the ball" thing recently. Last time they were down for a visit his aunt (my cousin) had left her razor in the soap dish. Grant unknowingly grabbed it and cut his finger. After all the uproar and bleeding, once they finally got it bandaged he looked at my aunt (his grandma) and said "Nana, I can hear my heart and I'm going to puke now".