Hi fellow San Diego Curlies!

I'm excited to see there are a few of us out here. I know how all of you feel on finding the right salon. I posted a great review of Suzanne at re-Vive Salon because it was the first time in YEARS I left happy with my curly-styled hair (I've only left happy when it was straightened at the end). She did a great job, but I must admit it is PRICEY. As a matter of fact, I'm due for my 2nd cut next week, and I'm thinking of canceling because I don't want to pay the $130!!! But, I also know that after getting HORRIBLE cuts in the past and the amount of time it has taken me to grow out the last disaster, I'm not sure if I'm willing to risk it again. I may postpone it for a month or so, but eventually I think I'll go back. The $30 consultation is applied to your cut if you decide to get it, but you're right I don't think she should charge for this service. The price is high, but that's usually what I pay at other salons, and they don't take the time she took. She dedicated a good 2 hours to cutting my curls 1 by 1 (and I have a TON of hair).

I heard that Salon Bella is pretty good with curlies. But, I also know that Tamara Mooney of Genesis used to work there and has gotten great reviews and she's actually the one that gave me the DISASTER cut! SO.... again, is it worth the risk to save a couple of bucks? By the way, Tamara charged me $200 for cut and color, so it's not always cheaper elsewhere. I don't know, but if any of you find an alternative, please post!!

If you want great color (not CG friendly though) you definitely should try Peach at Jet-Rhys Salon in Hillcrest. I went to her for YEARS, but again she is a bit expensive and I started coloring my own hair. She always did an amazing job without damaging my hair and the scalp massage you get with the shampoo is priceless! Cristina at Jet-Rhys is also good with curly hair, she used to charge $95 a year ago (don't know if it went up). She cut my hair a few times and I was pretty happy, but the last cut didn't do it for me and then I tried Tamara. After that I had to wait for my hair to grow out and then I fouhd out about CG and went to Suzanne.
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