lmao@all the AZ comments...soOo true.

natasha: yes, i apply lotion at the house and by the time i walk 10 minutes to my building i need to re-apply. i bought some olay quench, and it really keeps me moisturized ALL day without feeling greasy. thank goodness because i was about to resort to vaseline, and that doesn't make for a good feeling with dirt all in the air like it is here.

heathernicole: people do sweat but it's not profuse sweating. that's how people fall out here from dehydration because your sweat evaporates really quickly from the skin. i still sweat under my clothes, though.

jcurlady and tk*: i feel you about feeling like you were dying...it's monsoon season now, so it's really nice these days. but when it was 105-110, yeah i didn't leave the house unless i had to. there aren't clouds in the sky unless it's about to rain, so the sun just beats down on you.

it's raining now, and it's vaguely muggy. but it isn't anywhere near as gross as it would feel back east.

rt: i wish i had fixed my henna last night because i really could do an application now. instead, i'll have to spend sunday doing a henna treatment and DT *sigh*
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