i appreciate the intentions and the motivation that the owner had when creating the site. but it almost seemed cultish to me in that women who were only a month or two into membership over there all of a sudden became preachy, as though they'd been chemical-free their whole lives.

so many people over there forgot that just a few weeks prior, they were in the same boat and had the same hair concerns and hangups as the people they talk down to. and it was pervasive in numerous threads and difficult to avoid. i stepped out of the majority of hair topics and gravitated toward the nonhair boards and eventually stopped logging on. i lurk every once in a while, but i don't go over there much anymore.

i appreciate women having a new-found love of their God-given hair texture. but i think that excitement and rediscovery causes some people to forget that they used to relax and straighten, they used to be ashamed of new growth showing, they used to use commercial shampoos and styling products, they used to avoid rain and humidity, they used to devote half a day sitting in a salon, etc. how soon, how soon they forget!

oh, and the censoring drove me crazy. i thought that was inconsiderate to the members and was borderline juvenile.
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ITA with this entire post. Especially the bolded. I have had more than one adventure with the three month in naturals trying to "convert me" and give me "advice" on going natural. Every last one of those adventures ended with the recommendation that I visit that board. meh.