I know, and to get my point across I re-worded 4A to four A. I'm with you, I don't agree with nor do I like being censored, especially on a message board. 4A hair is not a bad word. Good grief people, it is JUST hair!
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It is JUST hair, but it's not really just HAIR.

I mean, think about it...this is a hair board and there is a deep thread concerning race...wherein people are treated a certain way because of their skin color and hair type.

I think boards like that are necessary in order to even out things in real life where natural hair is not truly appreciated. Yes, she censors over there and it's kind of "her way or the highway" but everyone knows that before they start out. And despite it being like that, a lot of people still choose to be active there because of the good vibes.

I look forward to the day when having a relaxer can just be a style that we choose and not such a big deal. But for me, my way of thinking when I had a relaxer was not a good thing.
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i totally agree with your post.
i want to say more but i have a feeling it would fall on deaf ears...[/quote]

I am fully aware of the implications and misconceptions of having natural hair. After having worn all different types of styles, including shaving my head nearly bald three times over, I guess I'm just over what people think or don't think about my hair. To be quite honest, I really don't care whether society appreciates my hair. If I cared, I'd still be wearing a relaxer. I'd rather society appreciate me, the person.
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