So, instead of working from home today, I worked from the mall

RT1: I ran into my mechanic that hadn't seen me in a while (and hadn't seen my hair out ever), and he said, "Wow, you have African Mushroom Hair" WTF is that?! I just said, "it is what it is"... I could've busted out some bald jokes (he's going bald, but won't let it go) but I was very mature The look of disgust on his face was classic, lol. You can tell that he's one of those guys that loves loooong, straight hair...Period.

RT2: Three ladies at the sushi bar had a convo (while I was on my cell) about how thick my hair, we all know that isn't true The twist-n-curl gives it that look.

RT2 totally made me feel better after my experience in RT1
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