and yet the most revered/stalked fotki's on the site are of women with the 3b/c pattern. jokes.

Yet I went to Long Hair Care Forum and there was a thread of great Fotkis and a lot of them were 4b's with some serious hair.

Keepitmoving, I'm not ragging on NP, I know it serves a good purpose. But if I were a member, I would be unable to use the avatar I use here because it has straight hair. Mass censorship just doesn't suit my needs. I am also a very inclusive person, and I feel I get stronger in a place where people have strong opinions and are able to express them freely (and respectfully). I doubt a topic of this sort would make it far on NP.
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like we said, np isn't for everyone. people have to go where something works for them. i don't have a problem with their rules because i can understand why they were put there, but if i did have a problem i just wouldn't visit. there is another site that i barely even lurk on just doesn't do it for me.

to each her own.

and if it were only hair...this thread wouldn't be posted, hell hair boards wouldn't be in effect, and the hair industry wouldn't be making the millions of dollars that it is.
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