and yet the most revered/stalked fotki's on the site are of women with the 3b/c pattern. jokes.

Yet I went to Long Hair Care Forum and there was a thread of great Fotkis and a lot of them were 4b's with some serious hair.

Keepitmoving, I'm not ragging on NP, I know it serves a good purpose. But if I were a member, I would be unable to use the avatar I use here because it has straight hair. Mass censorship just doesn't suit my needs. I am also a very inclusive person, and I feel I get stronger in a place where people have strong opinions and are able to express them freely (and respectfully). I doubt a topice of this sort would make it far on NP.
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I think that you could have that avatar. I think she just doesn't want any black women with straight hair as avatars.

Anyway I just wanted to add that I feel more comfortable posting here and have posted all of 2 times on nappturality, however, I do lurk there a lot. There is a lot of helpful information.

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