rt: I should be at my company's summer outing in Wachusett and I'm still sitting here at my computer, drinking coffee.

rt: I'm taking the long way there through Cambridge to stop and get some Theraneem Aloe Gel at Cambridge Naturals. Product whore and lovin' it.

rt: Almost all my weight is in my belly.

rt: I did my stretch routine this morning

rt: My 3 day hair...mmwah! (kisses her fingers). Moist, soft, fluffy. Mop Top daily conditioner and Knot Today and aforesaid Theraneem.

rt: Have a lovely new pedicure, bright red. But if I don't get the hair off my legs it's all for nothing.

rt: It was my birthday this week. I'm frikkin' old! Thinking about a single senior support network group at my church. They have one for 20's-30's.

rt: One of my team guys, the temp, told me I was born in the Year of the Snake. Whatever that means. Then the placemat at the Chinese restaurant advised me to check out the dragon, ox and rooster, but avoid the other animals like the plague. Gotta find me a dragon.
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