in comes a new member talking about, "i hate my natural hair and where can i find a relaxer?" or "does miss jessies really work?" thats simply not tolerated over there. ....but the thing i admire about that atmosphere is how no matter how long or short, curly or nappy someone's hair is, they seem to love it for whatever it is or whatever it isnt. ...........and i dont get that same kind of self esteem or positivity that i used to get from this site. hell, ive been natural for 4 or 5 years now, and im just getting to the point where i honestly have that same self esteem about my hair. so it hurts me when i see the same types of behaviors or questions being posted here. and for me, i feel like thats what the majority of postings on this board are about. if you dont have hair longer than your shoulders (or youre not trying to grow your hair out), if youre not trying to "turn your kinks into curls" then no one really cares.
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I am a member on the other site but I never really read much on there so I can't talk about how aggressive they may be with shutting people down but.. I really appreciate that this site does tolerate that many of us go through a period of insecurity with our appearances as we learn how to manage our hair. Hair is a rather important accessory for most women and men. Transitioning from wearing your hair straight with a relaxer to wearing it tightly coiled (now that I know I am a 4B heheee) is a BIG deal. I mentioned in another post that my hair was ALWAYS done and well kept (no split ends) and predictable with a relaxer. I am by far not a hair neat freak but it didn't take much for me to achieve looks that I liked and were as diverse as my daily appearance. With my natural hair, I am working on getting to the same place. I LOVE the feel of it and I LOVE many of the looks that I have experimented with. HOWEVER, I have not gotten to the predictable part yet. I sincerely appreciate a forum where I don't have to walk on eggshells when posting a comment as I conduct my personal research, express frustration, or report success (even though folks thought I was a spy for a hot minute). Is a curlie wrong for wanting curls to hang differently? Is a curlie wrong for wanting to be straight sometimes? I don't think so... its all about VARIETY. I change my hair like I change my underwear... daily.