Is a curlie wrong for wanting curls to hang differently? Is a curlie wrong for wanting to be straight sometimes? I don't think so... its all about VARIETY. I change my hair like I change my underwear... daily.
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see i think you missed my point. variety and style choices are one thing, but there is an unsaid or underlying motivation for those choices that i think alot of people are afraid to say that they have. if we're going to get anywhere and use this as a means of personal growth then its time we have an honest dialogue about things. i dont think its necessarily wrong for wanting your hair to hang but if you have hair that grows out instead of down, why waste time, energy, and money being unhappy that your hair doesnt hang down? ive been there and it sucks. trying to "control" my hair or "fight" shrinkage or frizz or whatever natural characteristics come with my hair type just isnt a good feeling. and i think the more that people say, its solely about variety or i just like my hair that way and isnt real about it what struggles they may have about the way they feel about their hair is counterproductive and fake.
i would love to have a real conversation where everybody was open and honest about their feelings (past or present) and didnt hide behind the "thats just the way i like to wear my hair" statement. and if anyone does want to have that discussion it would make a great sticky thread.