I think the more that people say, its solely about variety or i just like my hair that way and isnt real about it what struggles they may have about the way they feel about their hair is counterproductive and fake.
I would love to have a real conversation where everybody was open and honest about their feelings (past or present) and didnt hide behind the "thats just the way i like to wear my hair" statement. and if anyone does want to have that discussion it would make a great sticky thread.
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ITA w/ this post and especially the bolded suggestion. I think we could do with a thread like that on here. What would you call it though, something with hair insecurities in the title? I think it would be a great release for some, maybe even most people. I mean, I have had to check myself a couple times when I've seen some traces that old of that good hair/bad hair mentality rear its head when I thought it was long gone. It's important to be able to be honest about it so you can see where it's still lurking and pluck it out.