variety and style choices are one thing, but there is an unsaid or underlying motivation for those choices that i think alot of people are afraid to say that they have. if we're going to get anywhere and use this as a means of personal growth then its time we have an honest dialogue about things. i dont think its necessarily wrong for wanting your hair to hang but if you have hair that grows out instead of down, why waste time, energy, and money being unhappy that your hair doesnt hang down? ive been there and it sucks. trying to "control" my hair or "fight" shrinkage or frizz or whatever natural characteristics come with my hair type just isnt a good feeling.
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Because that could be someone's passage in their natural journey and acceptance and joy of their own hair. Suppressing it doesn't help them evolve through it. I don't think it helps to guilt or shame someone for wanting something they may not have. The entire cosmetics industry is built on this.NFrom what I've read here and other boards, very few naturals come out of the egg fully hatched and loving the texture and state of her hair.
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I agree with this, which is why I think subbrock's idea of a thread were people can be honest about some of the perspectives they have or have had and how these may or may not be linked to some remnants of a hair hierarchy would be a good thing.
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Sort of like a "say it I dare you" for hair, where you can post anything, and it's all about posting, without responses?
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