I think the reason I have to use so many different steps is because I have only recently stopped flat ironing my hair. I used to wear it curly all the time ... and all i used to do was put in be curly and then on day two or day three use the phomollient for neatening up my hair and it worked great. Then I had a majorly bad hair cut and that's when I started straightening. So, I think I put in various different things to make it look good because it's still damaged. I pretty much had to do the same with Sunsilk and Dove gels that I tried. So, my advice would be if you want to try Aveda, go ahead, because if you buy it at a salon, they will take back anything you don't like. If you're happy with HE then stick to it =)
3A. Total PJ ! Modified CG (low poo 2-3x a month)
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Biotique Biowalnut/BioKelp, VO5 Condish, Aveda Be Curly/Aloe Vera Gel, Aveda Phomollient (day2 and 3),Water w/ AVG +Rosemary + lavender DT: Macadamia oil w/ Rosemary + lavender EO

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