This thread is awesome!

Could it just be that the guys are used to seeing straight hair and that's why they prefer curly? I mean if you look at the models on tv or in a magazine what is their hair? STRAIGHT.... (I'm thinking this could be a possibility). Since people are into looks, guys especially, will be drawn to something that's familiar. I'm also wondering if it has something to do with showing your independence. Curls are different, which is the best part. No two curls are exactly alike!.

I've dated some losers who didn't like my curly hair an always liked it straight. I told them take all of me or forget it cause the curls aren't going anywhere! My bf loves my curls. He just says now I spend too much time researching to find things to make them better. I just told him, when I find something that works I won't be doing so much research.
Find someone who loves you for you and ALL of you. I'm hearing a song in this...."All of me, why not take all of me.... Can't you see, I'm no good without you..."

Good luck!
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September 23, 2009
Update: 10/12/2009 I can't stop playing with my curls!! So soft, shiny and manageable!!!! IN LOVE WITH DEVA Products!!!!!! YIPPPIE!!!!