......Side note: I just got phone service! Yay! And I'm almost done unpacking all my crap into the new apartment! Huzzah! Huzzah!
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Do you guys ever watch The Girls Next Door?? When TK* said "Huzzah!" It made me think of the episode where Hef and the girls went to the medieval festival and Kendra called the queen a "sausage wallet" LOL!!

OK so after that comment I might as well come out and admit it: I'm a reality TV junkie...
"Legally Blonde: The search for the next Elle Woods"
"The Girls Next Door"
"Keeping up with the Kardashians"
"Jon and Kate plus 8" - one of my favorites
"I survived a Japanese Game show"... you name it!

I've even watched a few episodes of Living Lohan...
It's not my fault, it's those darn marathons they run on the weekends when nothing else is on. It sucks you in.

**natashamck checks herself into reality rehab until the return of Heroes**
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