Hi fellow SD curlies! I just joined today to be able to reply to this thread. I read this thread a couple weeks ago to see if there were any North County curly stylist recommendations. I was delighted to read about MaryAnn Castaneda at Taglio in Escondido, and today I had my first appt with her.

First, yes she is Deva certified and has curly hair herself. She cut me dry (yay!) and spent about 45 minutes getting to know my hair, how it curls, etc. Before cutting she asked me what products I use and what was I looking for in a style and spent a good amount of time just familiarizing herself with my hair, which is a confusing combination of 3A/3B hair on the ends with an open, what she calls "C" curl. The crown was almost straight (I hadn't had a cut since last December, and it wasn't a good one so I was sporting major triangle head). Once cut, though, we were both pleased to find that the hair at the crown has a lot of bounce and curl to it.

After cutting she used Deva no-poo on me, then B-Leave-in conditioner, and a gel (forget the name, but it was in the Deva line). She had me hang my head over and scrunched it in (another yay!)

Then, since we didn't have 3 hours to wait for my hair to air dry, she asked if she could use the blow dryer with the diffuser so she could see how my hair curled up and if more cutting was needed. Duckbill clipped at the top in a way I'd never seen but I love the result. She took strands of my hair, found the natural loop and clipped the looped strand so the loop stood straight up. This method gave me more lift at the top than I'd ever gotten by just clipping close to the scalp. Hope I can duplicate this at home.

I told her I was 3 weeks into trying out the Wen line of products. She had heard of them and was very interested in hearing how they were working for me. She asked if I could bring them in next time because she's always interested in learning about new products (can this get any better???)

Anyway, we also discussed color. I have psoriasis so I have to be very careful about chemicals. I also have a fair amount of gray in my dark brown hair. So she recommended a vegetable based all-over hair color that would make my gray look like highlights. I'm intrigued! I'll be making an appt for next week to try this out.

To sum up (and hope I haven't rambled too long) I am thrilled with MaryAnn and will definitely go back again and again. She's a little pricier than most North County I'd experienced, at $75 for the cut, cleanse, condition and dry. I don't know if that's her normal price for a cut, or if today was higher because it was our first time and she had to spend more time just getting to know my hair. Either way she's got me for a repeat customer.

So a big thank you to Koukla72 for passing on the info about MaryAnn! I hope my post helps anyone who was thinking of trying her. Thanks!

2C/3A with almost straight hair on top
"c" curls (according to my stylist)
Modified CG: looking for my next low/no poo; Curls CCC; anything KBB; acv and honey or molasses rinses; CJ H&B Deep Fix
Styling with KCCC/B&A gel, FOTE avg; BB's FSG, Komaza CHP