OK so after that comment I might as well come out and admit it: I'm a reality TV junkie...
"Legally Blonde: The search for the next Elle Woods"
"The Girls Next Door"
"Keeping up with the Kardashians"
"Jon and Kate plus 8" - one of my favorites
"I survived a Japanese Game show"... you name it!
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wow......you are a big time tv watcher. my guess is that you have DVR? I watched Jon and Kate plus 8 a few times and I got tired and frustrated just watching them deal with 8 kids. wow...i thought i had my hands full with 2.

anyway, TLMMM....don't relax girl. think it through some more. i am going through a "i hate my hair" month. i'm so having a bad hair month. i don't know what's the issue. wash n gos are looking like crap. twist outs are looking crazy and i straightened and then got rained on in a mini-monsoon the very same day. i told my husband i was getting a relaxer...half joking...but half depressed. he said "don't do that....it would be so anti-climatic after growing your hair for 2 and a half years". he's right....so I'm just trying to deal with the hair until it comes back around. i think it's just on strike for the moment.
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