Haha natasha's addicted to realiTV. Well, maybe you can tell me about this show on NBC with these young people who watch other people's kids?
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LoL... I watched a few minutes of that yesterday while I was waiting for Run's House to come on... It looks interesting. Dude was holding his own with one kid, but I saw the previews for when they have a sleep over and it looked like pure chaos lol.

Speaking of chaos:

wow......you are a big time tv watcher. my guess is that you have DVR? I watched Jon and Kate plus 8 a few times and I got tired and frustrated just watching them deal with 8 kids. wow...i thought i had my hands full with 2.
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I don't have any kids so its interesting to see how all the kids have their different little personalities and how they deal with it all... I'm sure that if I had kids I wouldn't want to watch.

I don't have a DVR but I'm inside the house during the day on most weekends. I don't have any kids and after teaching Jazzercise and showering I am a full out couch potato. lol
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