maybe I just need to vent. I have very thick mid length 3c curls and I am mexican-american. my family comes from a part of mexico where there was slave trading in the 1700's and everybody just sort of mixed up with everybody else. I just hate that people assume i am a whole slew of other things. it's not bad, people have given me wonderful compliments and sometimes i love that I am never categorized. i do get compliments on an almost weekly basis even. i suppose that i am just complaining/griping/thinking too much about my hair. because of my curly hair i don"t look the way that i am "supposed to" look being mexican. i am very proud of my culture and active in the community, but often get odd looks because i am relaxer free for 3 yrs. and wear my hair the way that it grows out of my head.
thanks for listening.
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You're not as alone as you think. I have a lot of Mexican friends, and some of them have said they have a cousin or a friend with hair like mine, (3c). There was a half-black, half-Mexican girl 4 years younger than me at the middle school when I was in highschool who was practicaly my twin lol, and she was equally accepted in both groups!

By the way, do you get your hair cut in Mexican salons? I've been told a few times by them to try them out, since they're used to the thickness, but never have since I couldn't stand the embarrasment of going in their and seeing the "What am I supposed to do with this?!" look on their faces lol.

My favorite stylist of all time was a Puerto Rican lady (I REALLY miss her since I've moved back to Texas lol), but curly hair is WAY more common in that ethnicity, so she was super used to it. Unfortunatly, I haven't had very good luck with black stylists so far, who always want me to get a perm or a texturizer when I go in . If I wanted one I'd of gotten one already lol!