More of Nicole. She has had some gorgeous cuts! This is probably longer than what you are looking for, but I think these are so cute!

This one shows the front.

Same hair from the side.

I'm not sure how short I *may* go. I've been getting scissor happy lately. I cut about an inch or so off in the back since it grows so much faster than the rest of my hair. What's funny is no matter if I cut one inch or five, my hair tends to look exactly the same.

I've been thinking of going to Yodit too. Everyone seems to have such great results with her. And for about $100, I can't really complain. My hair can be a pain in the arse to deal with, so it would be nice letting someone else share my pain. I don't think my SO would be too happy if I got it cut shorter than shoulder length(stretched). He and his father(who has bsl length 3b curls) have issues with women cutting their hair. LOL! Not that that will influence whether I cut it shorter or not. I just wouldn't look forward to the sad puppy dog faces that I know he'll make. He'd get ovet it though. If I'm happy, he's happy.
A wonderful mix of coils, curls, corkscrews, and kinks.
PW: curlyhair

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