I'm not sure how short I *may* go. I've been getting scissor happy lately. I cut about an inch or so off in the back since it grows so much faster than the rest of my hair. What's funny is no matter if I cut one inch or five, my hair tends to look exactly the same.

I've been thinking of going to Yodit too. Everyone seems to have such great results with her. And for about $100, I can't really complain. My hair can be a pain in the arse to deal with, so it would be nice letting someone else share my pain. I don't think my SO wouldn't be too happy if I got it cut shorter than shoulder length(stretched). He and his father(who has bsl length 3b curls) have issues with women cutting their hair. LOL! Not that that will influence whether I cut it shorter or not. I just wouldn't look forward to the sad puppy dog faces that I know he'll make. He'd get ovet it though. If I'm happy, he's happy.
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Your future FIL has BSL hair?! Does he keep it braided?

Perhaps you have hair that the longer it gets the more it corkscrews. My hair gets looser as it gets longer so wants it grows past the shoulders I see the length.

I HAVE to get some big hoop earrings if I go that short.

Well, I plan to get a trim first and once the weather warms up, then I will go short. It is too cold to go that short right now! I suppose that by next winter I will have enough length to keep me warm. LOL
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