Hey, that's awesome, I'm glad it helped! I still haven't gone to MaryAnn yet, but she's definitely next so it's reassuring to hear how good she is, and that the cost of the cut is reasonable (even if it isn't genuinely inexpensive) for when I do go see her. That won't be for at least another month or two, though. I'm really trying to grow it out a bit before I get another reshaping. I did get my hair trimmed just a tiny bit with Jennifer from Hairdrezzers On Fire almost a month ago, only to try and remedy the badly-shaped and too-blunt layers from the previous cut I got at Hairspray, but it was more emergency rescue so I could live with it in the interim than anything.

(There was some serious shelving going on from that previous cut, which I hadn't realized at first. Turned out that was partly why my hair wasn't curling as much. Unfortunately, due to that previously unnoticed shelving and those way-too-blunt and choppy layers, I don't think I can recommend Kate at all anymore - to any curl type - regardless of the impression I had of her competence. There's no excuse for that, and I can't imagine it's a good look for 3s or 4s either, you know? So for myself, now, I'd put her at a C-. Hopefully others that might try Kate have a better experience, though.)

Jennifer at Hairdrezzers has curly hair herself, and she's pretty good. I explained my hair has different curl types with a fragile pattern that isn't apparent when wet and she was fine with cutting my hair dry, though she still cut it conventionally rather than cutting each curl or wave clump. Afterwards it was curling more again, well-shaped and even, and she hadn't cut off any more than we agreed on, though she did say she was glad that I was realistic about the fact that she had to cut some to do the job. I also have to say she is possibly the only stylist I've been to who didn't act like I was super weird for wanting to bring in my own products to use; she really was fine with it. I've never had anybody refuse, but they've all acted unhappy with it to some extent or other and she didn't at all, so that's definitely a point in her favor. She's also the one who showed me the trick of opening and closing root clips fast as I'm taking them out to minimize hair snagging in the coil, a tip I'll be eternally grateful for. And the cost was pretty reasonable, $50. If I had to grade her I'd give her a good solid B, and I would definitely have no problems recommending her to a friend.